Staffordshire Bull Terriers

A Balanced Dog Has Titles at Both Ends


The purpose of our website is to introduce you to the Stafford, educate, encourage health testing, discuss canine legislation, assist in rescue, answer your questions, and share our passion for this wonderful breed - the Staffordshire Bull Terrier! This is not the breed for everyone. A Stafford is not a ‘dog park’ dog, but a ‘people’ dog. They can be like velcro at times. They should be people friendly, confident, alert & outgoing. Staffords are not good guard or protection dogs, but rather companion dogs.

Not all Staffords are dog friendly, but some may be great with other animals. We encourage training, socialization, exercise and supervision as with all breeds. Our goal is not to sell puppies, but to encourage responsible dog ownership.

When looking for a Stafford of your own please ask for copies  of all health testing certificates. Never simply rely on hearing or reading that a breeder ‘health tests’ without seeing the results for yourself.  See our Health page for details on what to look for.

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Play nice, we share.

We support the health testing of

Staffordshire Bull Terriers for L2-HGA, HC, Cardiac, Thyroid, PHPV, OFA Hips & Patella. All of our dogs are entered into the OFA database and CHIC #s recorded.

If you breed - please support rescue!

See our Rescue page for details

Our dogs are AKC Canine Good Citizens.   Nealie is an official AKC Canine Ambassador.  Several Wavemaker Staffords are working Service Dogs

We rarely have puppies available. We DO NOT ship any puppies nor do we sell any puppies sight unseen. You must be present to pick up your puppy in person and we prefer that we meet you in person prior to selling you a puppy. Also - please don’t say ‘staffy’ these are Staffordshire Bull Terriers. If you cannot say the entire name at least please respectfully call them Staffords.

We could not be more proud - one of our very own Staffords is the new face of the breed on the official American Kennel Club website! Click the image to the left and check it out! She is also featured in the American Kennel Club video series on How To Dock Dive featured on You Tube where she plays the role of a beginner dog. What an actress!