Staffordshire Bull Terriers

A Balanced Dog Has Titles at Both Ends


PLEASE consider bringing home a Stafford needing a home before purchasing a puppy. SBTCA always has wonderful dogs who have been screened and are looking for permanent homes. All the applications can be found on the rescue pages of the National club website. You can view available Staffords by clicking here.

Please check back periodically as we do update this page. If you are a breeder and you have people contacting you for a Stafford - PLEASE consider sending them here first! The club rescue coordinator carefully screens new homes and all dogs will be spayed/neutered and temperament tested before placement. Contact SBTCA rescue -


Consider selling your pet puppies on S/N contracts and limited registrations. Keep in touch with your puppy owners. Make sure they understand that you will take back any Stafford you have bred, for any reason, at any time in that dogs life! Microchip and register that chip before sending dogs home! Put current information on the chip registration and keep it current!

Think RESCUE - consider fostering or helping do breed identification!

Below are Staffords currently in rescue and in need of homes. Please click on the photos to view more details of each. We list these dogs as a courtesy. The dogs are NOT here with us. They are in different parts of the country. We have NO connection to any of them, only listing for information to help them find homes. Please do not send us questions about these dogs as we have no further information than what is listed below. There are links to contact info on each dog. Thank you for considering rescue!

Donations are desperately needed for the care of the dogs in rescue -

If you can help foster, donate or are interested in adoption - please contact and tell them you found them via Wavemaker Staffords or The Stafford Knot online publication. Thank you!

Please give fostering a try! If you have the room - and it doesnt take much for a Stafford in need - try it. We can help you. There is a great support system for people who foster. Fostering, pulling a dog on death row and taking them home with you - is so worthwhile. Some take a long time to come out of their shell, trust, assimilate....and others fit right in. Staffords are so trusting and appreciative. It is wonderful when the right home steps forward and accepts the dog into their own home. Sometimes it is bittersweet to let them go - but always heartwarming. And you have made another person so happy - remember the day you brought home YOUR first Stafford? That is the gift you just gave someone else. Please help rescue.

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Do you know the difference between finding great homes for dogs truly in need and RETAIL RESCUE?

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