The Girls



‘Marina’ is L2-HGA DNA Unaffected & HC DNA clear, PHPV Unaffected, CERF, CAER, OFA Hip, Patella – GOOD – Thyroid Normal. Marina does NOT carry Black & Tan, but she does carry red.


Marina was born from two fully health tested champion brindle parents who each unbeknownst to us carried a copy of the dilute coat color gene (Dd). I would strongly advise you not to purchase from a breeder who purposely breeds for color, especially breeding dilute to dilute as not only does this cause a lack in breed type and temperament, but also has shown to cause health issues with those puppies. If you really just love blue then go to a breeder who not only fully health tests and can prove results (L2-HGA, HC, PHPV, CERF, Cardiac, OFA Hip, Patella, DM) has non dilute Staffords which carry one copy of the dilute coat color gene and occasionally produce dilute coated puppies.  We coat color test now and do not produce dilute coated Staffords. Please do not ask me for a blue puppy. I am a responsible, preservationist breeder who produces Staffords with the breed standard, health, temperament, structure and future of this breed in mind. I do not purposely produce fad colors or types. I do not pay my bills by selling puppies. Purposely bred blue (or any fad color or type) puppies come from breeders who supplement their income by selling puppies. Is this where you wish your next pet to come from? Please make wise choices when selecting your breeder. I am happy to refer you to reputable breeders. 

For more details about Marina please see her own page.



‘Bay’ is L2-HGA DNA Unaffected & HC DNA clear, PHPV Unaffected, CERF, CAER, OFA Prelim Hip, Penn-Hip, OFA Hip, Patella – GOOD, Cardiac – Normal


For more details about Bay please see her own page.


CH Wavemaker La La Love You CHIC


‘Derby’ is L2-HGA DNA Unaffected & HC DNA clear, PHPV Unaffected, CERF, CAER, OFA Hip, Patella – GOOD, Cardiac – Normal – CHIC


Derby is Seamus x Hula and is from a dual sired litter where we got two boys from one sire and two girls from the other. She is half sister to Francis from the same litter.

Derby was championed very easily by her owner Cassie gaining her two majors under Stafford breeder judges at specialties. Derby lives in Kentucky and is enjoying her newest role as big sister to her owners young son and also another Wavemaker Stafford (Colt). Derby is retired.




‘Nealie’ is hereditarily unaffected/clear for L2-HGA & HC- which can be seen on her KC Export Pedigree paperwork.

CERF (2010. 2011, 2012) – OFA Cardiac normal – PHPV Unaffected – Patella Normal – OFA Elbows Normal – OFA Hips Good – Spayed



‘Nealie’ finished 2009 at #10 SBT in UKC Standings her 1st year out! She is also a UKC Grand Champion. She earned her UWP in one weekend plus 15 points toward her UWPCH pulling almost 28 x body weight.

‘Nealie’ is extremely athletic and passes this attribute down to her offspring. She loves her flirt pole and lure coursing more than anything except perhaps playing with other dogs. She has earned one leg towards her CD title, a Beginner Novice Obedience title, Rally Novice title and 3 1st places in UKC Rally. She is a gentle soul, terrific with children and loves everyone she meet – 2 and 4 legged varieties. She has already proven herself to be a wonderful foundation to Wavemaker Staffords. ‘Nealie’ is a fantastic producer with 5 Champions so far from her own children and 5 Champions of her grandchildren. Thank you to Carol Jenkins-Salter for trusting us with this spirited Welsh beauty.

UWPCH AM-CH Ramstaff’s Black Eyed Pea, CAX RN CGC TT TKN

‘P-nut’ (2003 – 2019)

‘P-nut’ is L2-HGA clear by DNA, CERF, OFA CARDIAC – Spayed, never bred.

‘P-nut’ was always quite a handful – full of personality, full of charm and spirit! She was a true Stafford in temperament for sure. She loved sports – all sports but ‘P-nut’ discovered her passion at age 6. She lives for weight pulling! She earned her UWPCH pulling both wheels and rails. Her top pull was 1880lbs! She gave Rally a try but seemed a bit bored with it. She has been training for agility and also gave Obedience a try. ‘P-nut’ enjoyed the  conformation ring a few times as a veteran. We used to joke that we could tell her the ring number and time, tape a number to her collar and send her out to show herself! The handler was always insignificant to her! Thank you Kevin and Angie Beezley for trusting us with this fun pied girl!

P-nut won Reserve Altered Best In All Breed Show at a UKC Show in Perry Georgia at 8.5 years old!

At nearly 8 years old ‘P-nut’ earned her Coursing Ability title and at 8.5 years she is the oldest Stafford to earn her Coursing Ability Advanced title and at 9.5 she has earned her CAX! She is the oldest Stafford to earn this title so far and our 2nd one to earn it! That takes 25 qualifying runs of 600 yards in under 2 minutes to catch the ‘bunny’. All of our dogs ran the FULL course of 600 yards to compete while some Stafford owners only run theirs a half course.

At nearly 10 years old P-nut won Best of Opposite Sex Veteran at the SBTCA 2013 Regional Specialty at Purina Farms under judge Judy Heller (Moonstruck) and at 13 years old 2nd Veteran Bitch in Las Vegas, NV under judge Karen Horley.

Critique from Judge Yas Parr – SBTCA National Specialty – Friday, May 24, 2013
9-11 Yrs – Veteran Sweepstakes class
1st – 410 – CH. Ramstaff’s Black Eyed Pea – Black & white pied. Very healthy looking old girl. Another one that really is a credit to her owner. She was very lively and was bouncing around like a puppy, she barked non stop and really seemed to enjoy her day out. Still has lots of muscle and no doubt can still achieve anything asked of her. A lesson to other Stafford owners on how to look after a dog, very impressive.

Pnut lived to be almost 16 and still when we said goodbye it seemed way too soon. She will always be missed and remembered with smiles. RIP Pnut.

UWP Am-CH, U-GrCH Wavemaker Hula Popper CAX  CGC


‘Hula’ is L2-HGA Unaffected & HC clear, PHPV Unaffected, OFA Cardiac Normal, OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Patella good, CERF


Spayed and happily retired and is now living with her best friend Abbaz, a Stafford born in Norway and her loving family in Georgia. She is spoiled rotten and happier than she has ever been! Hula is a working Diabetes Alert dog.

‘Hula’ has a lot of energy and is very independent. She won BOS Sweepstakes in Perry her first time in a ring! Her body style is similar to her dam plus she has a gorgeous head and ear set. She is extremely athletic jumping from a standstill up to 6’!

Her temperament is just about as perfect for a Stafford as they come. She is very drivy and high energy but has an ‘off’ switch which is important if you want to live with a Stafford – very important! She can be vocal and loving – she loves being with her people! Hula cannot be around cats!

“Hula” is currently the 2nd Stafford to earn the AKC Coursing Ability Advanced title and the youngest to earn any AKC CA, CAA and the FIRST SBT to earn the CAX!  “Hula” was #2 SBT in UKC 2012 and she has produced 1 GCH and one only needing 2 singles to CH so far. She had a dual sired, international litter of gorgeous puppies. Hula also loves Barn Hunt and Nosework and she loves to swim.