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Illustrated Breed Standard

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The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Interpretation & Illustration of the Written Breed Standard is now available in two versions (AKC & KC) as well as printed books (see BOOKS page) and is used worldwide for judging seminars and has also been converted into several languages to be used around the world – including by the Kennel Club of England and was also used as the text basis for one version of the  SBTCA Illustrated Breed Standard project which was the official one used by the AKC parent club for the breed.

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“heights being in relation to weights”


14”…… 28lbs

14 1/2”..30 1/2lbs


15 1/2”…35 1/2 lbs

16” ……. 38lbs


14” ……..24lbs

14 1/2”…26 1/2lbs


15 1/2”…31 1/2lbs


Size, Proportion, Substance

Height at shoulder: 14 to 16 inches. Weight: Dogs, 28 to 38 pounds; bitches, 24 to 34 pounds, these heights being related to weights. Non-conformity with these limits is a fault. In proportion, the length of back, from withers to tail set, is equal to the distance from withers to ground.





Thank you to the AKC for use of the SBT Written Breed Standard

Thank you to the KC for use of the SBT Written Breed Standard