Today’s blog entry is just a short #petpeeve list.

STOP using phrases which anthropomorphize your dog! Seriously. Stop.

Some of the phrases which really rustle my feathers are ‘pet parent’, ‘fur baby’, ‘nanny dog’ and referring to owners as ‘guardian’.

These animals are our pets. We own them. They are not children. We may spoil them and love them very much – but they are not tiny fur covered human children. You are doing your dogs a huge disrespect by not understanding that they are animals whom we choose to allow to live in our homes. Respect them as animals. Respect them as individuals.

And I have written before about how much I detest the ‘nanny dog’ phrase. It’s terribly misleading. Staffords can be quite tolerant to abuse, sadly. And it is because of their patience and reliable nature that kids who aren’t respectful can get away with abusing them. By abuse I mean – climbing on them, laying on top of them, pulling fur, ears, tails, lips, hugging them and basically using their dogs as furniture and toys. They try so hard to put up with this but as the dogs owners and as parents its up to us to train our children NOT to treat the dogs this way. Not only is it disrespectful to the dog, its harming them mentally and sometimes physically. Learn to understand your dogs body language and you will see – they hate this. Look at the eyes, tails, body posturing.

Don’t allow your kids to hug your dog. Don’t allow your kids to sit on the dog. Dogs hate that. Offer your dogs the choice to get away, always. Not all Staffords love kids either. Most do. Not all. Dogs are individuals.

As someone who has worked in Stafford rescue I can tell you the #1 reason Staffords are surrendered is due to the misunderstanding of one of two key Stafford behaviors. Number one is the misunderstanding by the adults in the home of how ‘nanny dog’ doesn’t mean Staffords will put up with EVERYTHING forever. It doesn’t mean you can leave your Stafford alone with your kids all day long without supervision. Doesn’t mean your Stafford will always tolerate being teased.

Train your kids. Supervise always. Treat your dog with respect. Using the nickname ‘nanny dog’ or ‘staffy’ is confusing and misleading. This breed is a gladiator not a teddy bear. Yes, of course they can be super soft and loving and wonderful with children and adults – but they also are dogs. They can only take so much. Every single Stafford bite case I have seen ends up being a humans fault. Let’s help this breed succeed.

Let’s begin by understanding how these cutsie phrases need to go away.


If you’ve been following me here for the past few years, then you know my love for using Essential Oils. As an essential oils consumer, I needed to find an essential oil company I felt completely good about. I haven’t been 100% satisfied for a few years and I needed a change.

First of all, I want to be clear that I have NO REAL ISSUE with MLM businesses and have used both of the big 2 brands previously (Mainly Young Living). I love YL oils and most of their products. I really do! I simply couldn’t really afford to continue with the demanding $100 monthly minimum purchases in order to remain a part of their Essential Rewards program. That and the new way they pay commissions made me very uncomfortable.

I finally ended it last week. 

This in no way means I will stop purchasing some items from YL, but I will no longer sell for them or purchase monthly. I also love that many of my friends are using oils no matter which company suits their lives. I am honestly happy for you that you found oils and love your supplier. If you have found a brand of oils you’re 100% happy with, that’s AWESOME! However, if you haven’t found your perfect fit, I encourage you to try Rocky Mountain Oils. So here are my 5 main reasons for the switch:


Without doubt, the most important factor when choosing an essential oil brand/company is the quality of their oils. Rocky Mountain Oils, founded in 2004, is a leading non­-MLM purveyor of 100% pure, natural and authentic essential oils, expertly crafted blends and nutritional products. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for each customer by delivering only the best premium essential oils and proprietary blends on the market, which is rooted in their S.A.A.F.E. Promise. I perhaps should have led with this part for my skeptical friends.

All of their oils are 100% pure, are tested for purity and potency by a third party lab, and are free of synthetics and fillers. Those of you who are non-believers please do your research. You will see that RMO sources are top quality. Now, all of the oils they sell are not organic BUT they DO offer some organic options and those are growing all the time. No, they do not own every farm the oils are sourced from but that would be cost prohibitive. Thus the reason for all the 3rd party testing (which they are transparent about). Be a smart shopper and do your own research.

They also stand behind the purity of their product and offer free online access to batch specific GC/MS test results. Simply enter your batch number found on the bottom of the bottle. I find this to be extremely open, transparent and important. This is important to me.

If you’re wanting to see results for an oil you’re considering and don’t already have, you can call and they will give you the appropriate batch number.


RMO offers competitive and affordable pricing. Their products are priced at a reasonable price (even below the MLM companies’ wholesale pricing and there’s no required monthly auto-ship policies) yet not so low that it’s too good to be true.

They also offer some options for cost-prohibitive oils that are pre-blended in order to make them affordable and available to average budgets. For example you can purchase Blend of Melissa for just $21.95 so that you can have the benefits of Melissa without the $108.95+ price tag for pure Melissa essential oil. I appreciate that they offer that option for some of the higher priced oils. 


I have been able to find all the oils I already was using from YL plus try a few new blends I had not seen before. I love being able to find comparable oils so its not a huge learning curve for me. I still refer to my EO Handbook (thank you Kristin for this tip). 


Rocky Mountain Oils is committed to education. They don’t just want to sell you oils, they want to help you learn how to use them safely. To that end, they have an extensive help center, a blog dedicated to offering usage suggestions and more, plus a Getting Started Guide to help you start off on the right foot. It’s simple, easy to understand and very helpful when I am answering questions my friends ask me. I have a place to refer them to which I find reliable. 

I also appreciate that they give you functional usage suggestions on their website, where most other companies shy away. It’s a great time saver, for both beginners and EO experienced folks like me. Want to get some oils to help with sleep? No Problem! They’ve already put together a sleep category for you and you can further narrow your options by their Top Picks, Rest or Relaxation.

These easy to use pre-blended roller balls that RMO offers  have been a life saver for me as well as the Chakra Blends roller collection. With Rocky Mountain Oils’ Kids Line, they take all the research and mixing out of using EOs on children….not that I have any but someone reading tis blog does and this could be important to you so I mention it. You know that the dilution is prefect and each bottle tells you what it’s best used for!

And each bottle has icons on the label showing you how to best use the oil in the bottle!

OK so this may be a little thing for you but for me it’s amazing – each bottle already has a lid label. Yes, I am that organized, or I do try to be. Having to label the lids is an extra step I prefer not to do – with RMO its not needed.

Still have questions? They have amazing customer service and their contact info is easy to find. They have team members who are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have via email or phone.


While most often when people think about customer service they only focus on how well a company responds to issues and complaints (which RMO is exceptional at) BUT customer service starts well before issues arise.

I was shocked to see how many customer perks that RMO offers to all of their customers. Not just the ones selling their products or placing large orders, every customer gets the same treatment.

  • 90-day money back return policy – RMO stands behind their products and want to be sure you are 100% happy with your purchase. There no risk with their 90 day money back return policy.
  • Pre-Stickered Bottles – Being honest with you, this is probably my favorite part of RMO. I’m an organized person and having each oil bottle come with identifying labels on the cap is amazing, am I the only one?
  • Oil’ty Rewards Program – You earn points with each purchase to use towards future products. I love free stuff and know most of you do too.
  • No Auto-Ship or Membership Fees – I still get emails from both MLM companies about my failed auto ship every month, it’s ridiculous how much money I wasted previously trying to maintain my monthly minimums so that I can retain my discount with them. There’s none of that nonsense with RMO. You only buy why you need when you need it, but still get treated like family.
  • Affiliate Program – RMO shows their appreciation to those who help share their oils with their friends, family and colleagues.

Other than RMO coming to your house and filling your diffuser for you, their customer service can’t get any better!


Making the switch to Rocky Mountain Oils couldn’t be any easier! There’s not complicated membership programs or secret handshake, just head over to the RMO site and start shopping. And even if you’ve got a favorite blend from another company, RMO made that super easy for to switch too! With a page dedicated to helping you find the blend you need, comparing RMO, DoTERRA, and Young Living blends.

Check her gums?

It’s an old wives tale but based on science. It’s something I always check.

(Read Arlene Czech’s article by clicking the link below). I’ve included a brief excerpt and photos from the article here. I will post my own photo at the bottom also.

Going Back 60 Years in Dog Shows   Remembering advice from breeders of old. From the monthly column “Reality Check” by Arlene Czech.

This is what he told me, and I would like to pass it on to others. No need for a visit to the vet, just a simple check. He demonstrated with his dog as to how to tell if a bitch is pregnant. He simply held her head while he lifted her lip, as if checking the bite when judging. He said the gums will be very white at this time. The time? Exactly 21 days from the first tie in breeding. Actually, you need to start a few days before to become used to the gum color. Just a quick look is all you need. The only problem is that it does not stay white forever. Why it is white is that this is the time that the little fetus/egg implants itself on the uterus? In doing so, blood is drained from the bitches’ body and goes to the uterus. You need to check for several days after since some aren’t ready to implant. Recently I have taken pictures of my recent bitch on her 21st day had white gums, and then several days later I took another picture showing her red gums. Breeders do not believe me until they try it themselves and then say “they did turn white!” And if it is not a success then the gums stay red. 

by Arlene Czech


(above) Top photo was day 11 post ovulation. Bottom photo is day 20. Her gums are not really white but notice the extreme lack of pigment! We will ultrasound on day 30 and report back the results on this blog entry.